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Commander Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw

Name Jacqueline Wallace-Shaw

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 40
Starfleet Serial Number
Command Authorisation Code

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 161 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description On the lesser side of average in height, Jacky tends towards being a little heavier set, though her over-all attitude can make her seem smaller to others. She keeps her blonde hair long, and doesn't usually wear make-up though her grey eyes tend to look large.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jacky spent a great deal of time quiet and withdrawn, socially shy, since the death of her husband. Her time in the Fleet has done well for her and she's become a stronger person, still tending to be introverted but more easily able to break out of her shell to be social and enjoy herself. She's reserved about revealing her own feelings, but is a bright and caring woman.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Hobbies & Interests


Spouse David Shaw, Deceased
Father Monty Wallace
Mother Alice Wallace
Sister(s) Catherine Wallace
Other Family


Personal History Born in 2380, Jacky was the older of two children born to Alice and Monty Wallace. Her younger sister, Catherine, was born three years later. Jacky was a bright child, and quiet. When she was old enough, she always tended more towards working and helping around the house, and taking care of her sister, than spending time with kids her own age.

From early on, she wished to learn how to play the piano. Her parents were uncertain if it was just a passing phase, but they allowed her to try. It turned out not to be, because she continues to play to this day. She's classically trained, although is able to play in a variety of styles.

When she was sixteen, she met David Shaw: an equally quiet and introverted seventeen year old that was a year ahead of her in school. He was a writer and they met quite by accident in the school auditorium, both seeking quiet places to practice what they loved best: Jacky, the piano, and David to write.

The two fell in love, as youths do, but this was something more. When Jacky turned eighteen, they were married and moved to Earth. Life was tight for the young couple, but they were happy. Jacky worked as a secretary and David for a local news business. It was short lived.

Two years after wedding, a freak accident between work and home killed David. Jacky was devastated. She was a simple woman, and David had been her life. They'd been trying to start a family, without success. She retreated in to a semi-catatonic depression for several long months. She functioned, survived, but no more - despite the best attempts of her family.

It was nearly another year before she came out of it, and started to focus on the future again and a year after that, she had made her decision. She wanted to join Starfleet and train to be a Counselor. She wanted to use her grief and experience with it to help others, and she wanted away from the places of memories.

She was accepted in to the class of 2406, graduated in the top ten percent of her class and she was assigned to a six month tour on the USS Mayweather for her Cadet training cruise. Her CO and fellow crew spoke well of her Counseling and tending of the crew, although all mentioned how quiet and withdrawn she tended to be.

With her training complete, she was assigned to the USS Destiny.

It would prove to be an interesting first posting experience for the timid Counselor. She would be on board in time for the ship's involvement in anti-piracy, and then a bizarre trip to another dimension following a crazy 'trek' fan's appearance on their ship and assistance to Dacia colony. Jacky would establish herself as a good Counselor and a solid member of the crew, climbing through the ranks to eventually become Chief Counselor, finding leadership skills when she had not expected them, and Lieutenant Commander.

During this time, she would begin a brief and emotionally tempestuous relationship with Carl Hamilton. It would eventually fade, but as one of her first relationships since the death of her husband, she would come to see it as a learning experience.

The Destiny would eventually come to a point of breaking - experiments on board caused it to crash into a planet. Jacky was among the few survivors to make it off the ship and was forced into an even greater position of leadership in rallying the survivors with her to try to find a way to get off the planet, even in the face of capture by the natives. Eventually, they would be rescued and the recovery period would begin. The Destiny was downgraded to a smaller vessel and many had a choice: Jacky chose to remain, though in just a few weeks time, she would be transferred anyways to Starbase Aurora, but she felt fortunate to be one of three transfers that took place at the same time, including her new friend Sydney Stone and her assistant Adele Wyndham.

Having grown a great deal, stronger and wiser, during her time on the Destiny, she was sad to leave it behind but looking forward to the new challenges that would come with her new life on Starbase Aurora. It was at this time that she decided to enter the command track and worked on the command classes while serving as counselor, with a minor in diplomatic relations.

Upon completion with high marks, she was made XO of the USS Mai Sung. She served with distinction and was eventually transferred to the USS Alliance.
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